Dress for the Interview

What to wear for a job interview seems like a simple decision, yet so many people get it wrong. Appearance counts. This includes your clothing, haircut and grooming. Dress conservatively in clothing that fits well.

It is important that you see what the interviewer sees and it is always better to be slightly overdressed than to be too casual.

Interview Attire for Men

When a man goes on a job interview he should always think about wearing a 2 or 3 piece suit. Do not wear a sports jacket or a blazer. It is best if the suit is in a basic color such as black, navy, brown and gray.

It should be pressed and should fit well, your shirt needs to be in a light pastel or a white color and fine stripes are acceptable. Your shirt should also be clean, crisp and well ironed. A tie that is tasteful is a great idea as well so keep in mind that your tie is a window into your personality. Nice shoes with the appropriate color socks are a must and the most important thing is not to forget to get your shoes shined. A fresh hair cut and a clean shaven face is essential. The last thing that you want the interviewer to think is, "What a Slob."

Interview Attire for Women

Women have more options, therefore they have more places where they can go wrong. A tailored suit in a basic color is never wrong, a blouse with an appropriate neck line is also very important. Basic dresses and 2 and 3 piece ensembles are also okay as long as you keep in mind color, fabric and length. Women should keep in mind this is not a masquerade, so keep the make up down to a minimum. Being well groomed is very important, make sure you look at your hands and nails because the interviewer will. Do not wear a cologne or perfume that will be overpowering. Make sure that your shoes are closed toe with a medium heel, and keep the accessories down to a minimum. Lastly your hair, your hair should be work appropriate and not set so it looks like you are going to a disco or punk rock concert.

Good common sense is the best rule for dressing for success and if you are not sure then it is best to ask a friend or relative what they suggest. There are also many books and magazines that have articles on this topic. Keep in mind it is always best to overdress and look professional.