Network By Building Relationships

Networking should be a very important part of your job search. Some jobs are advertized in newspapers, others with placement agencies but these only account for approximately 30% of the job market. The other 70%, often called the hidden job market, are unadvertized.

You can tap in to the hidden job market by talking to people about what you do and the type of job you are looking for. You can ask people for information, advice, leads and referrals. This word of mouth approach is called networking and is a highly effective way to find your next job.

Networking can seem intimidating especially if you are shy or don't know very many people. However it can be enjoyable. After all, we are networking all the time with our friends and family. We ask other people for advice, recommendations and leads all the time whether it is buying a new phone or finding someone to fix your roof, so networking for a new job shouldn't be so difficult.

Online Networking

Create profiles in LinkedIn, Facebook, and VisualCV to broaden your networking reach. Connect with everyone you know, you never know where that next lead might come from. There may also be networking sites specific to your profession, these will put you in contact with people who are already working in your industry and narrows down your focus on the career you want.

Network At Job Fairs

Using a job fair to find a career is a great idea because there are so many people and networking opportunities there for you

In this tough market you need to network with a lot of people because it can be hard to find a job and you need to let people know you are looking for a job.

When you go to a fair it is important to understand that you may not get a bite right away but it is important to get your resume into the hands of potential employers so that you at least have a good shot at getting one.

It is not hard to find a local job fair and the best way is to look in your local paper or check with some of the major career sites who advertise upcoming job fairs.

It is not easy in an economic downturn to find a job but using networking and attending a job fair will give you much better odds. You should try to attend all that you can because you never know when you might meet someone who is hiring or knows someone who is. It is also good to get out of your home and see something new because trying to find a new job can sometimes be depressing.

Remember that you should always attend a job fair and network with other people. It may take you some time to find a new job but you never know who is hiring. You also may meet someone that knows someone in your particular field that can help you get a job.

Volunteer To Expand Your Network

Another way to expand your network is to volunteer in your local community. Volunteering helps you get out of the house and meet new people from all walks of life. It is obviously a benefit to your community but it can also advance your career, help you learn new skills and enhance your well being.

Your goal is to build your network. Networking is the best way to find another job. Let everyone know exactly what you can do and what kind of work you are looking for. The following groups will help expand your network. Don't forget that networking is a two way street. You may come across leads and contacts that will be useful to others in your network, be willing to share information.

Here are some suggestions for expanding your network