If you are unemployed and need income fast then you need to manage your time effectively and your job search should be conducted as if it is a "full-time job."

If, however, you are currently employed and want to make a career move then it is even more important to have good time management skills so you can conduct your job search outside of your current work schedule.

Time Management – The Plan

In order to make the most of your time it is important to develop a plan to determine how you are going to move forward in your job search.

Goal setting is an important skill in managing your time effectively so that you are focused on the job at hand and not distracted by activities that do not move you towards your goals.

It is important to identify what type of job you would like to do in the future rather than accepting the first job that comes along. This can be achieved by reviewing the activities you liked best in your previous jobs and recognizing those activities that you didn’t enjoy.

Once you have decided what job you would like you can identify the skills required and if necessary upgrade your skills so that you are qualified and more competitive in the job market.

Time Management – Resume Writing

Rewrite your resume so that it is specifically targeted to the job you are looking for.

You can find some samples of resumes at Free Resumes

Time Management - Workspace

Create an efficient workspace and get organized. Choose a workspace that will get the fewest interruptions. Make sure you have a desk, phone, computer and fax if possible. Assemble the materials you will need for your job search.

Time Management – Set Daily Goals

Set daily goals, concentrate on activities that are most productive. Follow up on emails, job applications, thank you letters etc. However, sitting at a computer looking through job boards is the least productive way of searching for another job. Getting out of the house and meeting people will give you access to the hidden job market, those opportunities that are not advertized but filled through word of mouth. Need to talk to people you know for information, advice, leads and referrals.

Time Management – Taking Care of You

Assign time every day to taking care of YOU. Take some time to relax, enjoy your favorite activities, and get some exercise.

If you feel you lack the self discipline to stay motivated or you need some moral support you can hire the services of a Life Coach or join or start a networking group a job club.

Time Management – Review Results

At the end of the day make sure you take some time to review your results and to modify your plan if necessary. Most of all, take the time to plan the following day and set those daily goals.

Good luck with your goal to Find Another Job We wish you every success in your future accomplishments.

Time Management Techniques